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Tea Tree Gel

Tea Tree Gel

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Our tea tree gel was created for people wanting to have an easy travel-solution for providing targeted care to irritated or sun-damaged parts of their skin. Because of its fast-acting ability, it is better used for travel when preventing inflammatory or sun-damaged skin spots that need immediate attention.
This vegan gel can penetrate the skin layers to deliver its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fungicidal, and parasitical properties quickly. It relieves any discomforts of dry, irritated, sun-damaged, or newly shaven skin because the gel is derived from natural sources instead of harsh chemical compounds. This soothing gel was formulated with added aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile which help to soothe the irritated skin after application.


8 US OZ / 250ML | 16CM X 7CM X 7CM

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